As the powerful supplier of the Hunting industry as a manufacturer of shotshells, taking on the role of bridge between manufacturers and distributors, we have been performing the production, sales, marketing, distribution and logistics services of Hunting based consumables from 1963 to present.

We work effectively and professionally with the Dealers and distributors that we supply, and serve our customers in the domestic and international market.
Our company, which started production of Shotshells, non-lethal and less lethal shotshells, civil explosives, fireworks in 2008 with the latest technology, adopted quality as a principle and continues its activities as the leader of the sector.

At the same time, we aim to create more added value for our country’s economy and to be beneficial to the sector and the economy by producing high value-added products that are sensitive to the environment. We produce high value-added products as CS Gas Projectiles, Smoke Grenades, CS Gas Hand Grenades, Smoke Grenades.

We know the value of time. We deliver our customers’ needs on time and in full relying on our technological infrastructure.
The IDETECH has started to produce now 9x19 mm Pistol Cartridges of 50 million per year.